You go to the library because you thought you would enjoy tranquility and peacefulness then you can set down with your study and finish it today.  But no, people won’t give you a break in the library.  Prepare a gun so you can start shooting the following people in the head.

1. People who do too much PDA

kay girl, lets finish this damn Assignment, I’ve been here for what, like2 hours!!! Gotta finish this thing…lets look around to freshen up…whoa!! Are they kissing!! Whoooaa..thats getting intense..okk..i should not look…gosh! Im unable to concentrate now! Get a room, bitch!


 2. People who listen to music like..REALLY LOUD

I think some people take Rihanna a bit too seriously and they REALLY DON’T STOP THE MUSIC! I mean guyss…it a freaking library for God’s sake! Keep it down… Grrrrrrrr

下載 (6).jpeg

3. People who eat strong smell food

Food smells can be so irritating, especially when people start eating food next to you (although I personally enjoy cheese and onion, but only in the privacy of my own home!). How could I concentrate when I smell something nice and now I just want to pack my bag and go eating! Gosh people just don’t want me to study!


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4. People who snore 

It is annoying enough if people talk or make noise in library.  Just when you think it can’t get worse, there’s a guy who actually take library as home, fell asleep, and then started snoring.  SKNX-X-X-X SKNX-X-X-X SKNX-X-X-X SKNX-X-X-X   REALLY?!

下載 (5).jpeg

5. People who are professional typers

You are trying really hard to concentrate in the library but right next to you is Mavis Beacon herself! With 2 inch acrylic nails! Typing away non stop like her life depends on it…all you hear is TATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATTATTATATTATATATATATTATAATTATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATAAATATATATTATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATAT!!!! Gosh i want gouge my eyes out and use them as ear muffs!!!





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