I believe we don’t need an introduction paragraph for this one.  Google the title and I am sure you will find thousands of similar articles.  I mean can a man be even more notorious than this guy?

1. Curse Spell on Him

Whip out wands and cast a harry potter spell that causes insanity (I’m not nerdy enough to remember which one) on him.O wait, that might not even work, because how do you make someone who’s already mental, mental? sigh


2. Prank Him Every Day

Donald likes to joke about people? Fine, let’s play jokes on him every day as well (hell yeah). We hire all the famous pranksters on YouTube, including all your favorites RomanAdWood and Jesse& Jeana. They would come up with all the creative and mind-torturing ideas to prank Donald. Every day we scare him during his sleep, make his toilet seat collapse to the ground, fill his house with plastic balls until he gets the message-stop running for presidency!


3. Put Him in Hunger Games

Image how much Trump want to control the whole nation!! Instead of United States of America, shall we put Donald Trump and all the candidates in the Hunger Games?!?! We are sure that they want to volunteer themselves to be the representative of each district. Wonder how the game would end… Would Obama ask the survivors to eat grapes at the end or Obama would eat those grapes instead. But just remember…there will be only ONE WINNER and maybe it is a chance to stop TRUMP!


4.Make Steve Harvey Announce the Winner

Even if Donald Trump actually wins the presidential election (I mean IF), we still have our own way to handle him. We will have the result secretly written on a slip of paper, which was handed to Steve Harvey and Steve Harvey ONLY. All spotlights on him, people around the nation sit uneasily before TV, trying to read his lips. On the paper reads ‘MISTER PRESIDENT 2016 – Donald Trump ’ boldly in the middle and ‘1st Runner up – Hilary Clinton’ in the corner. But somehow dyslexia got the better of Steve AGAIN so he announced “And the next president of United States is…Hillary Clinton!” This time, it’s not just some annual beauty pageant but the freaking important presidential election. So we can bet that Steve won’t be bold enough to sneak back on to the stage and correct his mistake unless he wants to be thrown out of the country.



5. Last Resort….JUST DON’T VOTE FOR HIM!


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  1. Kanika Srivastav · March 1, 2016

    you guys are amazing!! give us more


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