Having a night out at the club on Friday night can mean a lot of things.  Fun, Craziness, Losing-it-all.   But one thing for sure is that you won’t want any of the following to happen…

1.  Hot guy turns out to be dancing in..What?!

Say you are in club, with drinks in hand, and then all of a sudden this smoking hot guy approaches you. After a ‘hi, whats your name’ (he had you at ‘hi’)you started dancing together, everything’s perfect, you started feeling positive about where the night would lead you to… then suddenly he accidentally steps on your foot and it feels like the pain you would feel from the heel of a high heel shoe…..



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2. Hello~ Bartender~ I am HEREEEEEEE

The closest I’ve ever been to Harry Potter world is wearing his invisible cloak when ordering from the bartender. I mean, really, I can’t remember how many times I was about to shout out “Carlsberg” but only managed to utter ‘Ca’ before shutting up again because the bartender simply ignored me but took everyone else’s order.


3. Even when you don’t think of the devil… appears. BAAAAM!

So after lying to your girl that you wont be able to go over to her place because of some reason or the other(coursework/ visiting your parents/whatever came into your mind at that moment) you head to the club with your buddies.  The music is good, you’ve a had a few drinks and are in a good mood , and you see this girl alone at the bar but from behind. You approach her, you straighten your hair, check your breath, pop your collar –its game time. You drop your best line–“The word of the day is legs. Let’s go to your house and spread the word.” She turns around with a disgusted look and you realize its your girlfriend. Yikes.



4. Guy dancing as if he’s in dancing competition

There’s this crazy guy on the dance floor moving like a windmill with some very awkward dance moves and taking up a whole lot of space. Whether he’s trying to catch attention from some girl standing over there or he’s simply a retard who assumes the DJ would announce ‘And here’s our dancer of the night!’, you only want to yell ‘Chill, man!’


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5. Did I just fall on..EWWWW!

You and your friends FINALLY get into the club after waiting in line for a whole hour. The good side of that is the club is now packed! You start feeding off the energy. You are making your way to go get drinks when suddenly your favorite song comes on (calvin harris-how deep is your love). Its on now! You forget about the drinks and start heading to the dance floor, already doing a little two step, singing along as you go- HOW DEEP IS YOUR LO——

You are on the floor. You feel something sticky and moist on your back. There’s a pain in your ankle and your elbow hurts as well. Your friends are helping you off the ground. Apparently you slipped on and fell in someones very recent puke. The person probably had pasta for dinner from the look of things.  Time to go back home and sob. O yea and your song is still playing by the way.






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