Last weekend the whole world celebrated the Valentine’s day.  While we believe most couples must have spent the most romantic day together, some of you guts out there probably went through the worst night ever in life.  Check out the following and see if you resonate to any of them.

1) Go to a restaurant and find your ex there with a much more beautiful girl

What’s worse than seeing your ex?

Well….seeing him with another girl that’s more attractive than you!


What do you do now?

Fire on and flirt with your Valentine even harder or flee?

Either way, no doubt you are going to spend the rest of the day wondering what is it about the girl that attracts him.  Is it because she got better curves than you? Or is it because she laughs out loud to that same old joke he always made…..


2) Got the worst Valentine’s day gift EVERRRRR

So you are super excited because you are expecting the most fabulous valentines day gift ever. You get the “im at the door” text! You buzz him in and he comes up…….

Hug, lingering kiss, a wrapped box in his hand. You unwrap it and tadaaa!!!!

下載 (3).jpeg

yes. You are seeing right. Edible underwear. EDIBLE. UNDERWEAR. *Im going to puke now*.

Image source:

3) Got the wrong condom size

yes there are condom sizes. What could be worse than your girlfriend going through all the trouble to find the perfect type for your first ever ummm, yea you know. she gets the colour(yes there are different colours), flavor(don’t ask), ribbed etc etc. BUT, she gets one thing wrong. Size. Not that its too small(that would be a compliment), but its too big. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwkwaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrd.



4) When your surprise surprises you back…

Who doesn’t like surprises?

They can add spice to your Valentine’s Day and make your love more fiery.

But sometimes they can be too spicy. Consider the following case: Imagine yourself sneaking into your boyfriend’s house with a gift in hand and romantic rose petals to decorate the house, started the work and suddenly hear noises coming from the room, you walked towards the door, opened it and only to find your boy in bed with….another…..


Two pair of hairy legs at the wrong time….oopsy

Image source:

5) “Baby…I think I have a visitor…”

What would you do after Valentine’s dinner?

For most women, Valentine’s day is a big deal and they like to make sure its memorable. But for guys, they probably have prepared for mainly for a special night with a trail of rose petals leading to the comfy bed with candles around it. Today is the one day she won’t say no to corny romance until you find out it’s “THAT TIME OF THE MONTH”

Download .jpeg

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Got even more horrifying stories to tell?

Share with us below!

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